What is a Double Nose Piercing? Choosing the Right Jewelry Double Nose Piercing

What is a Double Nose Piercing

Would you consider getting a double nose piercing? The trend of accessorizing your nose with this fashionable accessory has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Here’s everything you need to know about getting a double nose piercing if you’re considering it.

What is a Double nose piercing?

A double nose piercing is a process of making two piercings on one nostril or two piercings on each nostril. This form of piercing has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to accessorize the face and give it a unique and fashionable appearance. There is a variety of jewelry that can be used to customize double nose piercings and it is an excellent way to express your style.

What is a Double Nose Piercing
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Things to Consider Before Getting a Double Nose Piercing

The following considerations should be taken into account before getting a double nose piercing:

Healing Time:

A double nose piercing has a longer recovery period than a single piercing. The body’s recovery could take up to six months. To prevent infections, you should take extra care of your piercings during this period.


The process of piercing the nose twice is more painful than piercing the nose once. There can be a variation in pain level from person to person, but overall, it is more painful than a single piercing.

Professional Piercer:

It is important that your double nose piercing is performed by a professional piercer. It is important that the piercer has experience performing double nose piercings and that he or she use sterilized instruments.

Piercing Location:

You should take care to determine the location of your double nose piercing. It is important to decide if you wish to have both piercings on one nostril or one piercing on each nostril. You should be aware that the location of your piercing can affect the healing time and the final appearance of the piercing.

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Choosing the Right Jewelry Double nose piercing

A successful double nose piercing depends on the choice of jewelry. Buying jewelry made of high-quality metals like titanium, gold, or surgical steel is a good idea. Hypoallergenic and easy-to-clean jewelry should be used.


The best way to prevent infections and ensure proper healing after you have a double nose piercing is to take good care of it. Following are some suggestions for aftercare:

  1. Cleaning:

The piercings should be cleaned twice daily with saline solution or an antiseptic solution. Neither alcohol nor hydrogen peroxide should be used as they may irritate the skin.

  1. Avoid Touching

It is best not to touch your piercings with dirty hands as this may introduce bacteria and result in infection.

  1. Avoid Swimming

After receiving a double nose piercing, you should not take a dip in a pool or hot tub for at least six weeks. There is a possibility of infections resulting from the chlorine and bacteria in the water that can irritate the piercings.


  1. Can I wear different types of jewelry in each piercing?

There is no doubt that you can mix and match jewelry in your double nose piercing. Many people choose to wear different styles, sizes, and colors of jewelry in each piercing to create an individual look.

  1. Can I wear different types of jewelry in each piercing?

Your double nose piercing can certainly be customized with a variety of jewelry. It is common for people to wear piercing jewelry of different styles, sizes, and colors in each piercing to create a unique look.

  1. Can I wear makeup on my double nose piercing during the healing process?

In general, it is not recommended to wear makeup around healing piercings, as it could increase the chance of infection. When wearing makeup, however, ensure that the product you choose does not irritate your skin.


There is no doubt that a double nose piercing is a fashionable way to accessorize and add a unique touch to your appearance. While a double nose piercing may require more commitment than a single piercing, it allows for more customization and individual expression. 

You must research things such as pain, healing time, and aftercare before getting a double nose piercing. The double nose piercing can be a beautiful addition to your overall appearance when taken care of properly.

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