Who is Denise Gordy? | Denise Gordy Net Worth

Who is Denise Gordy

Find out what Denise Gordy’s net worth is. What is Denise Gordy’s current career and personal life, as well as her sources of income, and where she draws her income from?

Who is Denise Gordy?

She is a legendary American singer, actor, and TV personality who has been successful in the music industry to an unprecedented degree. She has been engaged in the recording industry for over two decades, becoming one of the world’s most influential music producers, producing music for some of the most popular artists in the world.

Denise Gordy net worth

It is estimated that Denise Gordy has a net worth of $10 million.

Denise Gordy early life

It was in Detroit, Michigan, on November 11, 1949, that Denise Gordy was born to a family with a strong musical background. Berry Gordy, the older brother of Marvin, would later find Motown Records. Growing up, Denise was passionate about the performing arts and pursued a modeling career as a teenager.

Denise Gordy career

Denise Gordy has had a successful career as an actress and singer. The singer appeared in the television series “The Price is Right” as a backup dancer for the Supremes. Her television credits also include “Route 66” and “The Beverly Hillbillies.”.

Denise Gordy film:

The film in which she made her first appearance was “Beach Blanket Bingo,” starring Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. 

Denise Gordy appeared in classic films:

She also appeared in the classic films “The Last Picture Show” and “Catalina Caper.” 

Denise Gordy subsequent role”

Her subsequent roles included “The Girls on the Beach,” “West Side Story,” and “Catalina Caper.”

Denise Gordy appeared in the following television series:

She also appeared on the television series “The New Mike Hammer” and had a recurring role on the soap opera “Santa Barbara.” She went on to work as a producer and co-wrote the screenplay for the film “The Big Score.” Gordy later got involved in screenwriting and produced the film “The Big Score.”

Personal life of Denise Gordy

Denise Gordy’s marriage to Richard Lawson:

Her marriage to Richard Lawson, an actor, took place between 1978 and 1989. She has a daughter named Bianca Lawson, who is also a successful actress, with whom she shares a close relationship.

Sources of Denise Gordy income

The following are some sources of Denise Gordy’s income.

  • The entertainment industry has provided Denise Gordy with a number of sources of income over the years, which have resulted in her accumulating a substantial income. As an actress, she generates the majority of her income. There have been numerous movies and television shows in which she has appeared. 
  • The singer has also earned a living from her singing career, having recorded several albums and appeared at a number of concerts. The endorsement deals she has signed have also enabled her to earn a considerable amount of income.
  • The writing she has done has contributed to Denise’s income. Several books have been written by her, including “The Motown Story: The Life, Music, and Legacy of Berry Gordy Jr.,” and “The Art of the Deal,” which was contributed to by Donald Trump.
  • Besides media appearances on television and in films, Denise has also appeared in numerous other forms of media. She starred in the television series “The Jeffersons” as Dorothy Jefferson. She has also appeared in films such as The Bling Ring and The Butler. 


  1. Why is Denise Gordy famous?

The actress has appeared in a number of movies, including Reform School Girls (1986), Toy Soldiers (1991), and Black Fist (1975).

  1. How old is Denise Gordy?

Denise Gordy is a 73-year-old woman.

  1. What is the height of Denise Gordy?

It is estimated that Denise Gordy has a height of 162 meters.

  1. What is the weight of Denise Gordy?

Denise Gordy possesses a weight of 57 kilograms.


Denise Gordy has accumulated a net worth of more than $10 million USD over the course of her career. This shows how hard she has worked, how dedicated she has been, and how committed she has been to do her best throughout her career. Denise Gordy made a name for herself in the entertainment industry from humble beginnings, and her net worth demonstrates this accomplishment.

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