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When is the Dahaad release? Dahaad series called “ Roar” is a thrilling Hindi web series that fall under the mystery and crime genre. It is created by Zoya Akhtar and Reema kagti, with direction of Ruchika Oberoi and Reema kagti. The talented cast featured in this Dahaad web series, including Gulshan Devaiah, Sonakshi Sinha, Vijay Verma, Sohum Shah, Yogi Singha, Varad Bhatnagar, Ratnabali Bhattacharjee, Nimral Chiraniyan, Abhishek Bhalero, Vijay Kumar Dogra, Waris Ahmed Zaidi. Read more to know about the Dahaad web series, crew, and cast

Dahaad TV series cast, crew, actors, plot and release

Dahaad made great history as the first Indian web series that are come at the prestigious berlin international film festival, where it fell in competition for the Belinale series award. This web series was available to stream the Prime video on Amazon on 12 May


In the small village of Rajasthan, Anjali Bhaati, the sub-inspector, portray by sonakshi sinha, is involved in a perplexing case. She found the 27-seven who vanished without a trace, and the local community showed no concern towards these cases. However, the investigation of the sub-inspector made a dramatic turn when she determined the link between all such cases and found the presence of the suspect, a serial killer.

The Anjali revelation forces reevaluate the approach to investigation and shifts focus from disappearances to planning and calculating the scheme. Anjali is a strong lady in her 30s who faces many challenges in terms of her conservative village. Anjali’s Nature makes it tough for her mother to find the right husband for her. Due to this, she faces discrimination from the whole community due to her caste. But these issues do not lose the determination and spirit of Anjali as a police officer.


Here is the list of cast members of the Dahaad web series. All these casts play a good role in this web series and make it popular.

  • Sonakshi Sinha
  • Sohum shah
  • Rytasha Rathore
  • Abhishek bhalerao
  • Vijay Verma
  • Gulshan Devaiah
  • Zoa morani
  • Vijay Kumar Dogra
  • Jayati Bhatia
  • Rajiv Kumar
  • Manyuu Doshi
  • Mikhail Gandhi
  • Yogi Sinha
  • Waris Ahmed Zaidi
  • Varad Bhatnagar
  • Sanghmitra hitaishi
  • Nirmal chiraniyan
  • Ratnabali Bhattacharjee

Who plays which role in the Dahaad web series

Sonakshi Sinha will portray the character of Anjali Bhatt, a sub-inspector and a good police officer. Along with her, the sohum shah, Vijay Verma, and Gulshan Devaiah will also appear in the main role, adding depth and intrigue to the storyline. Jayati Bhatia plays the Tavleen role, an intimading and strong woman who has returned to get revenge on the brar family. The complete shoot was continue in rajasthan small village

Vijay Verma shows his skills on the screen in the role of anand swarnakar, whereas Zoa Morani plays the role of Vandana Swarnakar and adds his presence to the film. Mikhail Gandhi, a young actor, impresses Harry and brings his talent to this web series. Jayati Bhatia plays the role of devki Bhatti, who is the mother of Anjali and adds an emotional touch to the web series story.

Release of the Dahaad web series

The dahaad trailed was come on the 3 May 2023 and created participation by many viewers. The series had taken world premiere at the 73rd number Berlin international movie festival in Germany on 22 February 2023, where it gained attention and acclaim.

Reception of dahaad

Dahaad web series takes high appreciation from Bollywood hungama, with 4/5 ratings. The review shows that it is the best show in the Indian digital space and highlights the best performance of actors, with excellent direction and a tight script. Moreover, the review of this web series state that it makes the commentary on gender discrimination and caste adds to relevance and affect.


Dahaad is a Hindi crime, thriller, and mystery web series that is created by zoya akhtar, Reema Kagti, and many lead roles. It is the first best Indian internet web series that makes the world premiere at the international berlin film festival. This web series will be available to watch on 12 May on Amazon Prime Video.

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