10 Best Electric Cars In Singapore


The number of sales of electric vehicles are raise in world. Many people in Singapore are thinking about buying electric cars. Last year, the government disclosed that the green plan of Singapore is a new effort to combat climatic change. In the coming years, Singapore will not allow new registration of diesel cars. It increases the demand for electric cars.

The best thing is that electric cars help people to save money, but the problem is that there are many electric cars available in the market. It makes it difficult for people to choose the best electric cars. To make it easier for you, we make the list of the top 10 electric cars in Singapore.

  1. Nissan leaf

The Nissan Leaf was launched first in 2010, which means that Nissan, a Japanese manufacturer has a lot of time to make improvements in car designs. The latest model of the Nissan Leaf boasts a 311 km competitive range and affordable price.

Moreover, the electric cars of this brand have the ability to charge completely in 1 hour or less. You can also charge the Nissan electric cars at the fast charging stations by using a DC charger.

  1. Tesla Model 3

The Tesla model electric cars are best for the tested and tried technology. It is one of the best and biggest brands of electric cars. Due to this, tesla is a well-known name in the electric car market. Tesla Model 3 is a popular car model of this company.

The charging capabilities of 30 minutes, maximum epic range, fast EV charging points, fast speed, and all other exclusive features make this electric car model the best for people. If you want to buy a fast-performance and range electric car, then the tesla model 3 is the best choice for you.

  1. MG ZS Electric

This electric car model is best for budget buyers who want to buy high-performing cars without making a hole in their pockets. MG ZS is the most affordable electric car currently working in the market. MG ZS car provides impressive equipment and features for its price, including fast charging ability and a panoramic sunroof.

  1. Renault Zoe electric

If you want to buy a car to drive in the city, you should buy the Renault Zoe electric car. This car model comes with a mid-range compact, affordable price, great battery, and a European look. These features provide the double electricity capacity of this car model. The best thing is that you can charge this electric car within 3 hours.

  1. Hyundai Kona Electric

If you are looking for the best battery range for an electric car, then this car model is best for you. The popularity of the Hyundai company is increasing because of this car model, the  Kona Electric model. This electric car has a great market range, a 64kWh battery and a guaranteed 8-year battery. Well said; the Hyundai Kona electric car provides Level 3 charging points, which is important for charging your car quickly.

  1. Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y is a super cool electric car model of the Tesla company. If you are a soccer or SUV lover or want the coolest electric car, then you should buy this car. This car is currently available in Singapore. This car model is not available at a cheap rate, but it boasts great energy consumption, excellent range, and the best look in the SUV market.

  1. BYD e6 electric car

BYD e6 electric car is the best choice for those who want to access the branded charging point availability easily. It is a well-known car in the market because of its leading rechargeable batteries. The car of this BYD brand is continuously making efforts at compact MPV. This is the reason why this electric cars are become the most sensible and best electric vehicle options in Singapore.

Drivers can completely enjoy the range of 370km, 122 brand charging stations available all over the world, and the exclusive specifications of this electric car. So, what are you waiting for? Buy this electric car now to access the worldwide battery charging stations.

  1. Porsche taycan

If you are a sports lover or want to get a high-performance car, then the Porsche Taycan car is the best for you. The Porsche brand gains a specific prestige seldom among all other electric vehicles.

It gives premium features to buyers and has become the preferred choice for all luxury and sports car fans. By buying this electric car, you can enjoy the standard performance of this supercar, with the best equipment levels and great green credentials. All these things can ensure smooth driving in this car and attain the best performance.

  1. Hyundai ioniq electric

If you want to buy an electric car with good maintenance and warranty offers, then the Hyundai car is perfect for you. It is a well-known electric car among people because it comes with an 8-year warranty and covers batteries and other essential components of electric vehicles.

The best thing is that this electric car comes with a loved and familiar design, trunk space and decent range, and high compatibility with several charging points. The manufacturer of this electric car is the Hyundai sedan. It gives you a maximum range of 250km during the drive.

  1. BMW Ix3

If you want to buy the best design and good-looking SUV with luxury gadgets and sporty credentials, then the BMW Ix3 is best for you. It is the single electric car that hit the market. Drivers can get a good 74kWh battery for 385km with a single-time charge. It also keeps the environment pollution free. The best thing is that this electric car comes with fast charging capabilities at some charging points.


Electric cars are available in different types of vehicles and models. Before buying the specific electric car, you should compare the market, look at insurance, and then buy if it fits your budget.

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