10 Best 123Anime Alternatives To Watch Free Anime Online


123anime is a streaming website that allows you to stream anime online. You can easily get the total number of episodes of specific TV shows and movies. In the menu of 123anime, you can get the option to search for your favorite anime online. 123anime is a first-rate design website that helps you to scroll down to all the movie content in a few seconds. Read more to know about the 123anime movie websites and their alternatives.

What is 123anime

123anime is the best streaming website where you can see free anime. It consists the dubbed anime series and English subtitles and TV episodes free of cost. It is the best option to choose your favorite anime to watch.

List of 123anime alternatives

In this section, you will learn about the top 10 alternatives of 123anime

  1. 4anime

4Anime is the best anime streaming website that allows you to watch anime for free. This website is the same as the 123anime. If you want to watch the anime broadcasts, you should not need to register here. 4anime is the best site to use because it is browsed easily by users.

  1. 7anime

7Anime is a popular Anime streaming website that allows you to stream anime episodes and series. It is the best anime streaming website that works free of cost. It gives a wide range of genres for movies like comedy, action, historical, samurai, school, shounen, supernatural, etc

  1. Animetake

Animetake gives a wide collection of anime to users and allows people to stream online. You can easily discover the number of episodes in TV series and movies. In anime, take the menu; you can access various animes, verify the date of release and other essential details, and enjoy the new animes

  1. AnimeFreak

animeFreak is the best streaming website to use if you want affordable anime services. Most anime lovers will agree that it is the best platform to watch anime. Thanks to the anime-limit streaming services, you can easily watch anime episodes and get quality services. Additionally, it also provides you with popular Japanese anime shows of different genres.

  1. Animelon

Animelon is another good streaming site that allows you to learn Japanese and watch anime. The main purpose of animelon is to promote the Japanese language. It helps you to become part of the language community and become more engaging and enjoyable. The goal of this animelon site is to give interactive tools to users and helps them to learn Japanese.

  1. Animekisa

Animekisa permits users to search and watch anime for free. This website is not downloaded, upload, or distribute movie content; instead of this, it uses a browser for users, so they can easily search the animes. If you want to look at a streaming platform with a stylish user interface and a wide range of animes, then you should visit Animekisa. Here, you get the compiled list of animes to watch free online.

  1. WCOfun

WCOFun permits you to search for the most famous cartoon online. You can easily see the cartoon series here using filters like recently added, most watched, A-Z, and other options.   Moreover, this site is organized well for users with anime content, so they can search for their favorite cartoon and anime and watch it online.

  1. WCOforEver

WCOForEver is free anime streaming service that gives you a wide selection of cartoons, anime, dubbed animes, series, and movies. For a good understanding, you can watch available animes here in subtitles or dubbed versions.

  1. Bilibili

Bilibili is considered a hybrid platform that offers you UGC, user-generated content, and OGV, occupationally generated content. You can easily see a wide range of movies, animes, videos, and shows here on this website. Moreover, it boasts the best anime selection and movies, with new releases to odd forms that everyone loves.

  1. RightStufAnime

RightStufAnime is one of the best independent video publishers that are experts in distributing and  packaging pre-recorded programs to  speaking English consumers, lie from international live-action entertainment to Japanese animation


123anime is the best streaming platform that gives you access to anime episodes. Along with these resources, you can also use the above alternatives.

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