Who is Chael Sonnen’s Wife

Chael Sonnen

Watching Chael Sonnen at press meetings turned into like watching Picasso paint. His resurgence from being an omitted middleweight to certainly one of the most important-promoting stars inside the UFC is a lesson to all younger opponents on the way to constructing themselves up. Every time a mic was installed in front of him, he used it to his benefit and raised his inventory. His promos throughout the primary fight against Anderson Silva are nonetheless considered one of the quality one-man or woman build the US in sports activities and leisure records.

Who is wife of Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen is married to Brittany Sonnen. The trick Chael used to meet her is tremendously endorsed, and only a gangster from the mean streets of West Linn, Oregon, can pull it off. Chael explains that he got into a fight in Portland, where he met Brittany. After making a few mild verbal exchanges with him, she “ran away.” However, he caught to his guns and observed her through a large crowd for some other shot. When he, in the end, met her, Chael informed her that his phone had long gone lifeless and asked to borrow her telephone.

Name of chael sonnen wife  Brittany Smith
Date of Birth  April 18, 1985
Birth Place  United States of America
Age 38 years old
Nationality  American
Ethnicity  White
Religion  Christianity


He known as himself to get her wide variety. Brittany later explains that as her brother dragged her while he saw her speaking to Sonnen, she received a text from Chael saying, “Don’t lend her telephone to strangers.” They went out the very subsequent day. Brittany is quality known for being Chael’s spouse; information about her existence earlier than meeting him is personal.

Height, weight, and age of Brittany

Specific details regarding Brittany Smith’s age, top, and weight stay undisclosed because of her desire for privacy. She stocks a similar age bracket to Chael Sonnen, who was born in 1977. Brittany leads an active and healthful lifestyle, aligning together with her husband’s involvement in expert sports activities.

Why the Brittany famous

Brittany gained a huge reputation as the wife of Chael Sonnen. She is a non-public person and has control to preserve her private life far away from the limelight. However, she once in a while seems alongside her husband in public activities, inclusive of the 14th annual Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards. She is reportedly an entrepreneur. Brittany Smith’s husband is a retired American mixed martial fighter and submission grappling promoter. He competed for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), in which he became a top contender in both the light heavyweight and middleweight divisions. In 2016, he founded his personal submission grappling promotion, referred to as SUG.

Where Chael Sonnen meets with Brittany

The first time Chael Sonnen saw Brittany was during a combat in Portland. After a short communication with her, she “ran away.” Nevertheless, he pursued her through a sea of human beings to make another try. When they ultimately met, Sonnen used a specific tactic to get her phone quantity: He pretended his telephone was damaged and asked if he should use her range, then dialed it himself. Brittany’s brother removed her from the place after overhearing her talking to Sonnen. Sonnen then sent a text message to Brittany, cautioning her not to offer her smartphone to a stranger. The next day, the 2 met again and commenced courting.

Marriage of Chael Sonnen

Sonnen’s mom reportedly had no idea about the marriage until it became time to get on the plane. The two got married on the weekend in a wonderful wedding ceremony. The low-key rite turned into less than months before Sonnen faced Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua at UFC on FOX Sports 1.


The former blended martial artist, Chael Sonnen, and his wife, Brittany Smith, are blessed to be the proud dad and mom of children. After tying the wedding knot, Brittany became pregnant and gave start to her first toddler.

On June 4, 2015, Chael Sonnen’s son, Thero Sonnen, turned into born. Right after the baby boy, they welcomed a beautiful daughter into this world full of affection and happiness.  In August 2016, Blauna was born. However, her parents stated that their newborn daughter had surpassed away after the beginning of six days. This all befell because of a bacterium named Listeria.

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