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Different Types Of Water Bottles; How To Choose The Best One?

Water bottles are one of the essential elements that everyone needs every day. You will need to keep one water bottle around you just to ensure that you drink enough water throughout your busy schedule. Just like a wallet, cell phone, keys, and other essentials one needs to carry out a water bottle before they leave the house. If you want to learn what is the best type of bottle you should carry, this blog will explain. Also, learn how to choose the best one for you.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Water Bottle

While choosing the best water bottle for you, think about what type of bottle will suit you the best. So while going to buy a new water bottle, consider the following:
• Your lifestyle
• Size of the bottle
• Material of the bottle
Designer bottles
• Lid options

Different Types of Water Bottles:
Going to fill the water bottles from the fresh stream is a thing of the past. In this modern era, one can simply fill the water from a kitchen tap or water purifiers. So let’s know about the four primary materials of water bottles you have to choose from:
• Plastic
• Aluminum
• Stainless Steel
• Glass

No matter, for what purpose you need it, for office, college, gym, plastic water bottles are always good for everyday use. Everyone must has one water bottle.
• Available in various shapes, sizes, and colors and customization
• Affordable and great for everyone
• Different style lids are available
• Safe to use the dishwasher
• Water doesn’t remains fresh
• Many bottles do not insulate for temperature control
• May develop BPA if applied heat
• Bottles smell after a few months of use
• Color will fade by constant use under the sun
• Usually replaced after a few months

Aluminum water bottles are great for bicycle riders, hikers, and other outdoorsy people. They are durable and have a larger ounce capacity. This means one can use them with no need to refill them for a long time.
• Easy to carry and lightweight and affordable
• Various sizes available with trendy colors & design options
• Tough, durable exterior
• Long-lasting for years
• Can be customized with a message, design, or a logo
• Not always dishwasher safe.
• often leaves a harsh, metallic aftertaste
• Heats the water in warm temperatures
• If dropped or banged, dents might appear
• Many lids options are not available
• Designs get scratched over time

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel bottles stay cool for an insanely long time, because of which people can enjoy a refreshing drink all through the day.
• A well-insulated bottle keeps the water temperature longer
• A cluster of designs to choose from
• Immune to rust and mold.
• Material that lasts for years
• They are stylish and customization
• Sometimes quite heavy to carry
• Little expensive than other materials
• Heats the water in warm temperatures
• Dents might appear if dropped
• Usually not dishwasher safe
• Few lid options are available
• Designs get scratched/faded over time

Glass is heavy to carry. Still, this type of water bottle that everyone prefers to choose for everyday use. Water stays very fresh inside it.
• Usually have a stylish appearance with a variety of sizes to choose from
• Well-insulated, which results in a fresh drink
• Dishwasher safe
• Chemical-free material
• Lasts for years
• Design, message, or logo customization
• Very brittle, easy to break, and expensive
• Few color options are available
• Heavy to carry and unsafe for children
• Not allowed in certain locations

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