How To Resolve Quickbooks Error 3371?

Quickbooks Error 3371

QuickBooks Error Code 3371 pops up when the QuickBooks system file entitlementDataStore.ecml gets damaged, which contains the license properties of the software.

The error message reads”Couldn’t initialize the licensing properties”. The message appears in a dialog box and after you tap OK, one more dialog box appears.

The file damage is because of an improper shutdown of your PC when your program is running. This is why QuickBooks is unable to sync the property of the license every time you launch QuickBooks and starts showing “Error 3371 Status Code 11118” at your screen’s top.

This blog post contains all details about QuickBooks error code 3371 and the permanent solutions to rectify it.

Causes For QuickBooks Error Code 3371

Although every QuickBooks error is listed with a general explanation, however, users must determine the exact cause behind it. Here are a few reasons that explain why users face QuickBooks error 3371 in your system.

1. Missing or Damaged QB registration.dat File

The QB registration.dat file is used to verify the user’s license each time the user opens QuickBooks since it contains information about the license. If there’s damage to the file, or if it is not present, QuickBooks won’t function properly.

2. Corrupt or Damaged MSXML Component

MSXML (Microsoft Component) is crucial to retrieve details from the QB registration.dat file to verify the registration. The application will not run when this component of the system is damaged.

3. Outdated Windows OS

It is possible to get QuickBooks error 3371 if not using the latest version of Windows OS. So make sure you update your system’s operating systems to the most recent version to avoid the error.

4. Third-party or Antivirus Applications

Sometimes, antivirus or other security programs erase or alter QuickBooks application files, which can result in this error. To avoid this, you should remove the QuickBooks folder along with its processes from scanning lists of the software.

5. Importing The Files Prior to Saving

In case you utilize QuickBooks Enterprise for more than one user using Web connect, make sure you save the file prior to opening it. Or this may trigger this error within the program.

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6. Rectifying QuickBooks Error Code 3371

The steps needed to identify and fix the QuickBooks error 3371 mostly focus on repairing damaged files and recovering information. Follow these steps in the same order to fix this QuickBooks Error.

Solution 1: Quickbooks Tool Hub

Quickbooks Tool Hub can solve thousands of QB issues in minutes. It includes a variety of tools with unique functions to solve various types of problems. Let’s look at what the QB Tool Hub operates:

Downloading the Tool

  • Users first need to exit QuickBooks.
  • Then visit the Intuit site.
  • Now start the download process. Make sure you download the newest version of QB Tool Hub.
  • Thereafter, navigate to downloads. Then run – QuickBooksToolHub.exe.
  • Now, press “I Agree” on “Terms and Condition Box” in the box in accordance with these terms. Then, follow the steps in detail to finish the installation.
  • Go to your desktop, and click twice on the icon of QuickBooks tool Hub.
  • If you’re having trouble finding it, you can browse it with Windows Search.

Running Error 3371 Fix Tool Using Quickbooks Tool Hub

  • Once you’ve opened the QB tool hub you can reach the component titled “Installation Issues”.
  • Select an option titled “3371 Error Fix”.
  • Finally, select “OK” and access the company’s files.

This step will rectify the issue that your system is experiencing. If it does not bring any results, then let us provide other troubleshooting tips for you.

Solution 2: Renaming the Entitlement File

Rather than deletion of the entitlement file, you can modify its name. By changing the name of an entitlement folder, you will be able to eliminate this error code 11118 easily.

In Windows XP

  • Hit “Start Menu”.
  • After that, select “Run”.
  • In the text box, write “Entitlement DataStore.ecml.
  • Go to C: Documents and Settings AllUsersApplication DataIntuitEntitlemeny Clientv2
  • Thereafter, press “OK”.
  • Then, change the name of the “Entitlement DataStore.ecml” file.

In Windows 7

  • The path you need to open: C: ProgramDataIntuitEntitlement Client*
  • Then, change the name to “Entitlement file”.

After renaming the file when you start the QuickBooks software, it will create an entirely new file.

Solution 3: Unhiding The Folder “Program Data”.

If you’re unable to view the folder for program data, you should take these steps in order to unhide the folder containing program data.

  • Firstly navigate to “Computer”.
  • Hit “Organize”.
  • Choose “Folder”.
  • Now tap on “Search options”.
  • Once done, choose “Hidden Files & Folders”.

This will reveal the hidden folder associated with the program. Then, you can try logging into the QuickBooks application and check if you can resolve the issue within the software.

Solution 4: Reinstall QuickBooks via Clean Install Tool

A clean install helps in the elimination of stubborn errors and bugs. Therefore, for this fix, we suggest that you reinstall QuickBooks via Clean Install. Clean install tool. In order to do this, it is necessary to remove and then reinstall the QuickBooks application by using the Clean Install tool.

Important: Prior to performing an installation clean, be sure you’ve created backups of QuickBooks company files.

  • After the backup has been taken in a secure manner, you can download the “Clean Install Tool”.
  • Now navigate to “Downloads”.
  • Find “QucikBooksCleanInstallUtility.exe”.
  • After that, tap “I Accept”.
  • Pick the version you have installed in the QuickBooks program.
  • Hit “Continue”.
  • Finally, tap “OK”.

If you follow these steps, you can easily reinstall QuickBooks via the Clean Install tool. After that, you can determine whether the Quickbooks Error 3371 Status 11118 issue has been fixed.

Final Words

This article provides you with a complete description of the QuickBooks error 3371 and its troubleshooting steps. The techniques for troubleshooting described in this article are extremely efficient and effective in fixing QuickBooks Error Code 3371. Simply follow the steps according to the correct order to minimize effort and get positive results.