Places to visit in Coorg



Coorg is titled as paradise of Karnataka. It is an exciting place for tourists and nature lovers to visit. It is a transition zone between Arabian Sea and Western Ghats. Located at the biodiversity hot-spot, it provides shelter to many plants and animals. It has several natural features like evergreen Shola forests, waterfalls, deciduous sandalwood trees and many more.

Hence, either trekking or visiting a monastery, Coorg is the perfect place to explore.

Tadiandamol Trek

If you are a person enthusiastic in trekking but are in the beginning stage of it, then Tadiandamol trek is best suited to you. It is the 3rd highest peak located in Karnataka in Kodagu district. It is part of Western Ghats and is best for beginners in trekking as the difficulty level in trekking is easy. It is at the height of 1748 meters above sea level. Monsoon and winters are apt times to make a visit. It is endowed with Sholas hence a best place to witness fog and mist amidst evergreen forest. And one must be aware that camping is not allowed in this place. So plan your iteration accordingly.

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Iruppu Falls

Waterfalls are generally seen in the Northern part of India. However, there are certain falls that are located even in South India and Iruppu Falls is one among them. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit during August-January as it gives an amazing view of the waterfalls due to the onset of monsoon. Monsoon provides the required amount of volume to waters. It is located in Brahmagiri Hills and it cuts across Nagarhole National Park. It is placed in an ecologically sensitive area hence it is naturally an abode of many endemic species. One can spot a good number of deers, peacocks, colorful birds and various other animals. And the waterfalls flow across small pebbles to big boulders. The scenic beauty of the falls brings inner peace to you. So the majestic waterfalls surrounded by greenery is the best place to visit.


The mighty river Kaveri has its path through Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Puducherry. But Talakaveri is the place where the river Kaveri originates and is also a holy place for Hindus because of many temples nearby. It is located at the Brahmagiri Hills, bordering Karnataka and Kerala and is part of Western Ghats. It is located at the height of 1276 meter above sea level. One can reach here via bus or any other personal vehicle. It has some scary road curves to cross hence a skilful driver is a must to move ahead. One can see many fresh water springs enroute. The spring invites one to the purest form of nature. Though the river is ephemeral due to the monsoon’s impact, it is a best place to explore nature. The hill helps us to look into the agricultural tracks down the river. After reaching the peak one can see the parts of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka as well. Hence, it is an amalgamation of varied cultures encompassing different states.

Raja’s Seat

Raja’s Seat means the abode of the King. The local legend in Karnataka says that the kings during 1600- 1800 AD used to view and enjoy the sun set from this place. It is located in Kodagu district of Karnataka. Since it is placed on a hill top and is facing towards the West, you can even view the sunset like Raja. It gives a historical experience blended with natural beauty. A toy train is also available for children to move freely around the garden that is made in this place. Parents along with their children can enjoy this trip to Raja Seat. The footfall increases in the evening as it is known for its sunset with shining sun rays moving down the mountain. Adding to it is the lush green valley covered by mist and fog attracts more people here.


If we were to imagine Buddha and his Monastery, we can only remember the places of Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir or Arunachal Pradesh. But we do have Buddha’s Monastery here in Karnataka. It is a Tibetan Monastery called Kushalnagar, located in Karnataka. It is also called the Golden Temple of Karnataka. Here, one can see majestic Budhha statues in sitting position. The hall where Lord Budhha is seated is filled with colorful religious symbols. It is visited by many tourists irrespective of religion and fills their hearts with peace and calm. It provides an excellent experience for life.