What Happens If I Lose A Personal Injury Claim?

Personal Injury Claim

There is always the possibility of losing in a legal action of any kind. Personal injury claims are included here. You could be concerned about the potential for a claim to be denied. Is there a penalty if you lose?

We’ll go over what occurs if your claim is successful and what happens if it isn’t.

No legal Costs For Your Solicitor

Your solicitor will not charge you any legal fees if your claim is unsuccessful. If you don’t win, you don’t pay. Your solicitor will waive all fees and costs if you lose. A competent personal injury solicitor will usually be able to tell if a case is likely to fail and may advise you to withdraw your claim.

However, things do not always go according to plan, and some cases fail.

No Compensation

No matter how badly you were hurt, if you lose your injury claim, you will definitely not receive any compensation. If a case is dismissed, it means that the individual from whom you are seeking compensation was judged not to be at fault for the accident or your injuries.

This means they are not obligated to compensate you. Additionally, you will not be reimbursed for any fees or costs incurred as a result of the accident or any legal action. Furthermore, your solicitor will not be able to recover legal fees from the other party.

Court Costs

You will not have to pay your solicitor anything if you lose a no-win-no-fee claim. The opposing party, on the other hand, has the right to seek reimbursement from you for all of their legal and court costs.

This implies that if your compensation claim is denied, you could face not just a financial loss but also a hefty legal bill. However, if your injury solicitor believes your case will not succeed, he or she will urge you to purchase “After Event” insurance, which will cover any legal fees.

Is It Possible To Lose Money When Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Because no two cases are alike and no solicitor can guarantee a favorable outcome, you may be taking a chance. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of the claims procedure and decide to file a lawsuit, and your solicitor loses the case, you may be required to pay the defendant’s court fees if he or she requests them.

Most personal injury lawsuits are settled out of court, so you might not have to take this risk. When a qualified solicitor believes that pursuing a case is too hazardous, especially if you are on a restricted budget, he or she can counsel you. Finally, your solicitor will not be able to bring a case without your written consent, so you will always be in charge of the situation.

What You Pay if No Win No Fee Solicitors In Southampton Win Your Claim?

A Success Fee will be charged if your case is won by no win no fee solicitors in Southampton. Success fees will not be more than 25%. This price will be determined based on your unique situation. There are a few unusual exceptions, which your Southampton panel solicitors can explain in greater detail to you.

You will not have to pay a charge if no damages are recovered. Your agreement will be made directly with the solicitor in Southampton, who is a third party. If you choose not to proceed or ignore reasonable legal advice, you may be charged early termination fees. The hourly fee rate specified by that solicitor would be used to calculate such fees.

Common Mistakes Personal Injury Clients Make

  1. submitting a claim with a law firm that isn’t right for you
  2. Assuming that all solicitors have the same level of expertise and experience
  3. Assuming that filing a compensation claim will be simple
  4. Failure to keep important evidence
  5. settling your claim without first receiving medical proof
  6. Making a hasty decision on your claim
  7. Not disclosing the mental/psychological aspects of an injury to your solicitor.

Ways To Avoid Losing Money In A Personal Injury Case

To avoid losing money in a personal injury claim, there are several actions you can take. To keep the value of your claim and avoid paying out-of-pocket charges, you must take the following steps

  1. Make an appointment with a doctor for a medical examination.
  2. If you were wounded at work, you should contact the police or your employer.
  3. Gather evidence from the accident scene, such as photographs or video footage of the situation and your injuries.
  4. Anyone who may have witnessed the accident should be contacted.
  5. Insurance adjusters are frequently looking for ways to use anything you say against the worth of your claim, so avoid engaging with them. Allow your solicitor to handle all of your contacts.
  6. Learn your legal rights by meeting with a solicitor or a free consultation.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, the above article has helped you with your query. Now you know what will happen to a personal injury claim. Go for the best solicitor for your injury claim and good luck!