How Have We Helped A Well-Known Mall Become A Leader On Social Media?

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We helped the well-known shopping mall reach the largest community on Facebook and Instagram. And what do followers on social media bring you? What do the numbers actually mean?

You are certainly aware that it is not just about numbers, it is about the community that knows you, visits you, and consequently raises sales in your stores.

With the strategy we adopted, we helped gain 16,300+ followers on Instagram and 35,594+ likes of Facebook pages with minimal budgets within 3 years. The increase in numbers has significantly contributed to greater attendance at the center, events, and the shops themselves.

We reveal only the 3 simplest steps for immediate implementation

Strategy, consistency, analysis of what works, and repetition of successful activities.


There are several ways to organize sweepstakes, depending on your goal. What do we mean? We prepare prize games with various goals such as growth of followers, direct sales, presentation of a new collection, stores, services,… Example; if the purpose is to grow followers then we must clearly give instructions that the condition for participation is liking the Facebook page or follow on Instagram or other networks. If the goal is to present a new service, stores, then we like to arouse the enthusiasm of users, and we also add that they invite friends with them. Be careful, at the moment you should not require marking or. “Tagging” but you can find yourself and say… who would you invite with you. Users will know what to do 🙂 In case you want to sell directly and at the same time present new products, store, … Then also use time-limited offers that are only valid for the duration of the prize draw. Use tracking codes for page clicks and promo codes to measure performance.


Influencers and bloggers are crucial in building your database, as they have a larger base of followers they trust and tend to make faster decisions than those users who follow you or don’t know you yet. Social Media’s goal in growing a base is simple – to encourage influencer followers to follow you. And what can you get from a sweepstakes or a specific sales campaign that targets your brand? Base growth and sales!

Take this collaboration very seriously! You will only get good results if you have a complete overview of communication and coordination. Influencers are different, some have just started their work, some have been on the scene for a long time and have a “well-established name”, in short… send clear requests and guidelines on how to prepare, and of course leave the freedom to create, because only then will the result be even better. Make it clear in the sweepstakes, which must be published on their pages, that it is a condition that they follow you as well, and at the same time always ensure virality (invitation to invite friends to participate). If the goal is sales, it is clear that you need to use discount codes, as this will measure performance, or UTM connections,


Choosing the right advertising target is the first step in preparing a campaign, and here the largest percentage of novice advertisers make a mistake. You can start from different targets, we will focus on just a few basic ones that will be enough to take the first steps towards a successful campaign. The Tech Labs show different goals in the case of a prize game.

The goal of gaining followers likes: the goal is to encourage as many users as possible to participate, which means that your goal should be an activity or. “Engagement” campaign. You can also use the same goal for some news about a new store, collection or product. Again, remember that you need to take care of vitality with the right invitation and then the engagement campaign will do its thing. Remember, if the post is not organically viral, then miracles cannot be expected even with paid advertising. Don’t forget all the users who liked your post but haven’t started following your page, “click” and invite them directly to like it. How to do it? Just click on the number of likes and everything will become clear to you 🙂

The goal of visiting the site: if you want to present a new product or service through a prize game, which is presented on a certain link, then the right choice is Traffic or. “Traffic” campaign. In the next step, select the landing page view, which will work even better. For an even better result, we would choose conversion or. “Conversion” campaign with the aim of viewing the content or. “Content view” for which you need data on your Facebook Pixel. As a rule, you need at least 50 events or. “Events” per event.

The goal of sales: you can promote sales in different ways, as a rule, something should happen to the site visitors themselves through the “traffic” campaign, but it is even better if you optimize the campaign for conversions or. “Conversion” by selecting events to add to cart or purchase purchase. Again, choose a destination based on the number of events. To show ads to relevant users, make sure you have re marketing, where you can capture all visitors to the website, all those who have been in contact with your Facebook page,… the game play options are huge, here are just a few.

Why change the main strategy if it works? This mistake is made by many agencies, marketers and individuals. Until the winning strategy or. The advertising model is the hardest to come by. And why change it if a lot of effort, budget and time has been put into discovering it? It makes sense to try new things and use them as a complement, while actively using proven strategies.

It is true that throughout the case study we focused on growing the number of followers / likes, but we put something warm on your soul, focus on the content and gaining relevant followers. No need to donate iPhone phones, vignettes or money. Give a gift that is related to your business.