Hot Air Balloon In Goa

Hot Air Balloon

What is a Hot air balloon?

What is more beautiful than seeing colorful kites, balloons, and birds flying over our heads. We all have a childish corner in our hearts that dreams about flying in the sky.

The mellow stroke of air on the cheeks, the piousness of fresh air, and the incredible view of mother earth from the sky are astounding to experience. Though you cannot feel nature by just sitting on the plane or helicopter, this experience can only be felt when you encounter the piousness of nature.

A hot air balloon is a large balloon that is filled with heated air and that can fly in the sky. This type of larger balloon can carry people with it. Just like other dreams, riding a hot air balloon is a dream of many.

The Hot air balloon has been in existence for several decades but still, it is a relatively new concept in India. However, our young generation is very much active to experience new things.

Best Time for Hot Air Ballooning

The experience of hot air ballooning can only be bolstered by the scenic beauty of that particular place and its climatic condition. You can enjoy hot air ballooning more during winter.

Even in winters, you should opt for this activity early in the morning or in the evening. In the first week of September, the rainy season ends in Goa. You can enjoy a cold & sweet climate from September to February, which is also favourable for hot air ballooning.

What Should You Wear?

Since you are planning to do hot air ballooning during a cold climate, sweaters, jackets, or warmers are essentials otherwise the cold breezes can affect your health very badly. You can also carry sunglasses or a cap as it will protect your eyes from dust and strokes of cold wind. A piece of advice that everyone should follow is— wear something warmer and comfortable.

Hot Air Balloon in Goa– incredible experience

Goa, which is popular for its beaches, wooden shacks, and nightlife, is not limited to a certain extent. Goa is the nirvana of fun activities and adventure sports. There are a variety of activities and destinations that you can enjoy. Hot air balloons, which we were talking about,  are highly fancied in Goa because of the greenery and awe-inspiring beaches. The experience of exploring Goa city from the top of the sky can’t be described in words. You will simply be mesmerized by imagining beautiful beaches, wooden shacks, tall palm trees, mountains,  and greenery everywhere.

To make your Hot air balloon ride more memorable, here are some of the top destinations in Goa that you can visit for the best experience of a Hot air balloon ride.

  1. Salaulim Dam

The Salaulim Dam is situated on the Selaulim River. The dam is holding green-colored water. This can be beautiful scenery from the sky. One can watch the water running smoothly through its path.

  1. Morjim

Mojim is a small town which is also known as ‘little Russia’ because a large number of Russian immigrants are living here. This place is filled with lush vegetation and flora, which looks very attractive from above while riding a hot air balloon. You enjoy the serene beauty of the beach, sea, and flora from above.

  1. Cabo de Rama

This place is named after Lord Rama. This place is connected with Hindu mythology. Cabo de Rama is considered one of the spiritual places in Goa. Caba de Rama is a fort situated near the beach. You can have a view of historical architecture, lush vegetation, and beautiful beaches. This is the most idyllic destination for hot air ballooning in Goa.

  1. Quitol

Quitol is a small village located in the southern part of Goa. when you ride in the hot air balloon, then you will get to see the aerial view of this serene and small village. This is a must-visit destination for hot air balloon lovers. It will be more fruitful if you visit this place during the winter season.


Ballooning comes under modes of transportation. Hot air ballooning can help you to relax your mind and show the world from different angles that are often unseen by most people. You can be able to see the world from a bird’s eye. Never miss the opportunity to capture these moments on your camera so always try to carry a camera to the balloon. This activity will give you thrill and fun at the same time. Do not try hot air ballooning if you are dealing with ‘Acrophobia’.