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Dudhsagar Tour from Goa


Dudhsagar is one of the top 5 tallest waterfalls in India. As the name denotes Dudh, this waterfall seems like a sea of milk. Dudhsagar waterfall is situated in India which offers a four-tiered waterfall. If you wish to plan a Goa trip Dudhsagar waterfall enables you to close you to nature. Dudhsagar waterfall trip is one of the short and interesting trips in India. Once you reach DudhSagar waterfall, the mesmerising beauty of this waterfall will stun you that you would not forget in your whole life. This beautiful waterfall is approximately 310 m high and 30 m wide. Dudhsagar is located at the Mandovi river which is just 60 km away from Panjim. Dudhsagar waterfalls are situated on the Madgaon it falls in the Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary. This sanctuary is located in the middle of western ghats. This location comes between Karnataka and Goa.


As per the Indian Methodology, once a princess was bathing in the lake near her fathers’ castle. After the bath, the princess sat beside the lake and drank the milk. She used to drink the milk from a jug daily. And that day I did the same after bathing.

One day, While she was bathing in the lake, a handsome prince came towards the lake. He heard the sound of the laughter of the princess. he was curious to see from where the laughter sound was coming and he moved towards the princess. After seeing that the prince is coming, the princess poured the milk from the jug to protect her honour. The flow of milk formed a curtain of milk around her which protected the modesty of the princess.


Dudhsagar waterfall is located at a distance of 71 km from Panjim. The waterfalls are in the Karnataka and Goa Border. This is located inside the Bhagwan Mandir Wildlife Sanctuary located in Kulem.

If you wish to reach that place via Road then it can be reached by road and train. If you plan to go by road then you have to take NH-4A national highway. Kulem is the nearest railway station. This route is 6 km from Dudhsagar waterfalls.


Months from October to May are the best time to visit the waterfalls. Post monsoon and During the monsoon is the all-time favourite time among the Tourists. You can take a bath in the pool which is naturally made near the waterfalls.


There are a few things that you must know before you plan to book Dudhsagar tour from goa..

Jeep charges will be applicable approximate  500 rs per person

Make sure to bring your swimsuits with you if you wish to enjoy the waterfalls.

Personal vehicles will not be allowed inside the Mahavir Sanctuary.

There are a lot of  Monkeys that can be seen, so beware.

Ensure you have a water bottle and food for a day


Trekking in Dudhsagar is one of the famous activities to do among tourists. There are two refugee shelters there which serve as a first come serve basis. Drinking and medical facilities are available at this shelter.

In 4 routes, 2 routes are accessible even in monsoon. Let’s talk about these 2 routes.

Castle Rock Route

This route is a famous track during the Monsoon. For this route, you have to reach Rock castle railway station and start a 14 km hike to Dudhsagar takes 5-6 hours and passes through a number of tunnels. This route offers a great view of the Valley.

Kulem Route

This route is a less popular route as compared to the Castle Rock route. Once you reach Kulem railway station you have to walk towards the waterfalls around 11 km away. It takes 4-5 hours.

Some people choose to trek from Kulem and some from Castle Rock. If you are From Madgaon you need to reach Mollem village by hiring a taxi. Mollem is 40 km away from Madgaon. After reaching Mollem you need to hire a jeep with life jackets.

The nearest railway station is the Kulem railway station. As we talked many tourists come from this route from all the corners of India.

Kolem- Mollem- Dudhsagar route is famous among the people who come from Goa.

To start the tour from Goa to Dudhsagar waterfalls, you need to take NH4A that will take you to Calangute. After reaching Calangute, Mollen is 65 km away. Now you have to head towards the Mahavir Sanctuary. You can take a taxi or any vehicle as you desire. Private vehicles are not allowed in Mahavir Sanctuary.

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