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Best SEO Copywriting Tips To Help Your Rankings

Do you know that SEO increases the visibility of your copies exponentially on the web?

75% of the visitors don’t go past the Google first page. Having lower rankings means you’re getting a tail share from the elephant.

The best part of SEO is it fetches target traffic on your website.

That implies, any ‘ABC’ person doesn’t come on your website, but those who want to purchase your product or services.

SEO and copywriting is a match made in heaven to pitch your copies at the right place. And it matters the most to boost your sales and revenue.

If you want to know how to achieve this, this article is for you.

Let’s begin the journey.

What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting is writing compelling and valuable content with relevant keywords to achieve higher rankings on search engines.

How does valuable content matter? When people find it helps them in one way or another, they gladly share it amongst their near and dear ones on social media or messaging apps like Whatsapp.

The storehouse of SEO copywriting is pages like:

  • product pages
  • landing pages
  • blog posts
  • individual or company profiles

SEO professionals have the potential to increase the number of keywords for which your content ranks higher.

You need SEO copywriting for these reasons:

  • ensures more reader engagement
  • convince potential customers to take action like clicking on subscribe button, calling to book an appointment, etc
  • invite qualified leads at a low cost.

SEO copywriting tips to boost your rankings

SEO copywriting aims to solve the reader’s problem.

When the user spends more time on your copy, it indicates to web crawlers that this is meaningful to the readers.

And the rankings improve automatically. These are the best copywriting tips:

Start with thorough keyword research.

Keyword research is the first step towards SEO copywriting.

Deep keyword research helps you know what your audience is looking for instead of ranking random content.

Put the topic on which to write on tools like Google keyword planner, Ahrefs. It will show you the traffic and competition for that keyword.

Long-tail keywords are the best choice, as they have higher chances of conversion with low competition.

Thorough keyword research will help you understand the keyword market gap. And be more creative in creating absorbing copies.

Get to know keyword search intent.

Google displays results not just according to keywords but searches intent as well.

In the marketing industry, writing style varies a lot as per search intent. These are the ones:

Informational intent

The user is at the research state and looking for more information.

You can create content like:

  • guides
  • how-tos
  • step by step procedures

Navigational intent

When you have established your say online, people search your brand name. For example, Nike shoes, Apple iPhone, etc.

Writing content with navigation intent in mind boosts your brand on search engines.

So, pitching your brand helps in this. About us, putting your brand name with every product page assists.

Commercial intent

At this stage, the conversion happens.

People simply their queries on search console:

  • best buy phone
  • Honda Amaze price
  • discounts on jackets

The product or service pages with complete buying information solve the purpose.

You must mention any lightning deals or discounts to entice users from the search engine results itself.

Keywords must include shipping, where to buy, and best (product) for (consumer section). It matches with the search intent.

Mind keyword stuffing

Keywords are essential for improving your SEO copywriting. But, in excess, it alarms a signal to web crawlers.

It may seem enticing to use excessive target keywords to improve search performance. Keywords must add to the user experience and relevance of the content.

Google has advanced its algorithms to sniff negative SEO practices like this. Also, keyword stuffing hampers the flow of the text and gives a repellant feeling to the readers.

Thus, it leads to the downfall of your website rankings instead of going upwards.

Design your copies with high readability

Readability plays an influential role in optimizing your writings. It makes it easier for readers to read and understand your text instantly.

Another fact is with information overload, people have low attention spans.

In short, you have a few seconds to stick readers to your text.

High readability ensures people can read your web pages on mobile devices as well.

Enhance readability with:

Short sentences are 755% easier-to-read than longer ones.

Bullet points increase the white space, and your text becomes more scannable.

Small paragraphs solve the issue of reading on mobile with space constraints.

Humans grab visuals 60,000 times faster than written information. Therefore, include visuals like:

  • images
  • infographics
  • videos

Employ inverted pyramid method

Modern SEO copywriting focuses on presenting the most relevant content first.


Users get what they want instantly.

Even if they leave, they have something valuable in their minds. And they’ll remember your brand forever.

The chances increase manifold for them to become your customers later.

After the most vital information, supporting text, and background details must follow.

If users want to know more, they’ll continue reading it.

It will hit the two targets with one arrow:

  • Improve conversion chances.
  • Decrease in bounce rate: a direct factor for rankings.

Key takeaways

Smart keyword research paves the way for higher rankings on search engines. Use highly converting and relevant links in the copy to:

  • Add knowledge and address the curiosity of readers.
  • Enhance indexability and crawlability by search spiders.

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