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A Quick Guide to SaFe POPM Certification in Bangalore

Using the Scaled Agile Guideline to offer more value quicker, the SAFe POPM certification will teach students how to take a client approach to product development. The everyday responsibilities of POs & PMs, working with technical teams and company stakeholders, writing epics, features, plus stories, and understanding how to prioritise, design, develop, test, & deliver products that have more outstanding quality are all topics addressed inside this course.

Delivery Test:

You may be interested in understanding how to complete this examination before learning the structure of a SAFe POPM exam. A web-based exam is used to administer it. You won’t get any outside aid for this timed exam, and you must sign into the SAFe public platform to complete the shuttered test. If a two-day education were successful, you would receive a link to an exam in your registered email, which you may use to take.

The Test Pattern

SAFe POPM certification in Bangalore test format is:

Multiple-choice questions are asked throughout the exam. There may be just one correct answer to specific inquiries, whereas, in others, there may be two – three. There will be 45 questions on the exam, which will commence as soon as you press the start button and last for 90 minutes. The exam will be immediately submitted after the hour-long mark has been reached. Otherwise, you had the option to press the post button yourself should you finish the exam earlier than expected. You must choose 33 of the correct answers from a possible 45 to complete the exam.

SAFe changes include:

The current version of the SAFe POPM exam design has undergone various adjustments to provide applicants like you with the best possible experience while also upholding the testing rigour and integrity. Accordingly, the modifications in SAFe 5.1 are that there are now three alternatives instead of four for queries that require you to choose one answer from a list of possibilities. Like single-choice questions, numerous select questions will give you four or five choices.

Test Fee:

Now that you know the SAFe POPM exam preparation structure, you may consider the exam’s cost. Typically, you won’t need to pay the test cost separately if you take the first exam 30 days before the course ends. The exam cost is included in the course fee itself, which is the cause. However, the exam will cost $50 if you do it more than 30 days after finishing the course. Every effort you undertake after the initial trial will be subject to the same test retake charge.

Now that you are aware of the format of the SAFe POPM test, you may organise your preparation appropriately with the help of trends in online learning. In addition to understanding the structure, knowing the proportion of questions you may anticipate from each section will enable you to prepare better. The weights are listed below:

  • Putting it into practice – 30%
  • 30% will go on planning the PI.
  • 20 per cent for leading PI planning
  • 10% for obtaining a SAFe Product Manager position in a SAFe organisation.
  • Implementing the PI: 10%

Now that you know the allocation % and the structure of the SAFe POPM test, you can make informed plans. Product managers and software developers should collaborate to get the most significant results for customers and businesses.

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