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6 Amazing Flowers To Surprise Your Colleagues On Their Birthdays

Birthday is a special day for any person, and others just can’t wait to shower greetings to their loved ones. From kids to family members, these moments of gifting and celebrating the birthday party make for an awesome time. Also, if you are working in corporate, a birthday celebration is sure to be done. Either the boss or other staff members plan for a birthday celebration.

There are great ideas to make your colleague’s birthdays special, like decorating the area of their workplace, contributing to giving them gifts and or gifting as an individual. If you are one of those who want to greet their favourite teammate on their birthday with a beautiful flower bucket, then keep on reading. Here are the best flower gifting ideas to give your colleagues on their birthdays within your budget.

Top 6 Amazing Flowers To Surprise Your Colleagues On Their Birthdays

There are varieties of flowers available online or offline that surprise your colleagues on their birthdays. If your office is situated in Pune, then online flower delivery in Mumbai is available, which delivers fresh and top-quality flowers within your budget. Also, this service is available in other parts of the country, and you can get the birthday gift delivered to your desired location.

So now, let’s explore what beautiful flowers you can choose to surprise your colleagues on their birthdays or anniversary.

1] Red N Pink Rose Arrangements

Red N Pink Arrangements is the combination of 20 red roses and 10 pink roses in a box. Also, it comes with a combination of chocolates, idols or more.

Roses are loved by everyone, and if you gift this bouquet to your colleagues, it will bring a smile and charm to their faces. With the cakes and the flower bouquet, it will look fascinating in the offices and create a joyful environment in your workplace.

2] Mixed Roses Bouquet

If your colleagues love beautiful roses, then gift them a mixed roses bouquet. This has a combination of 10 mixed roses of beautiful colours like red, yellow, pink, white and many more. As your colleagues have all the characters and share their thoughts with you, this flower set would perfectly define their character. It will bring smiles, and would thank you for your effort.

This is an easily available flower in a trusted portal, and you can also gift it with combinations of cake or chocolates.

3] Purple Orchid Bouquets

Orchids are the symbol of thoughtfulness, refinement, love, beauty, charm and fertility. This is considered the top flower-selling product in the market. Also, available in different colours, which look fascinating.

Purple Orchid Bouquets is a combo of a bunch of 6 purple orchids with a beautiful vase included in it. This is the perfect gift for appreciating good deeds with hard work.

4] Pink White Blooms

Celebrate your colleagues’ birthdays by gifting them with pink and white blooms. These beautifully arranged flowers are the perfect set of 4 pink and white lilies, 5 pink daisies, and 15 white roses with purple paper wrapped around them.

So, gift these gorgeous and scent flower arrangements to make them feel special on their birthdays. This is an easily available product from online florists or local florists.

5] Lilies And Carnation Bunch

The lilies and carnation bunch is the set of 2 white lilies, 10 red carnations, and 10 Red Carnations with red and white paper packaging.

Seeing these unique flower sets, their faces will just smile out loud and be thankful for making their day special in the workplace.

You can easily get from local markets, but online methods are the best, where you can choose your best from various flower bouquets. Also, it is budget friendly and not only a birthday. It is a perfect gift for any occasion showering your love and emotions on them.

6] Blooming Birthday Balloon Bouquet

Blooming birthday balloon bouquet reminds me of college life, where the canteen was decorated with balloons and cakes. This bouquet consists of 1 bobo balloon, Gypso with new paper packing.

In the offices, workloads strike the lifestyles full of tensions and liabilities. Birthdays are a unique way to make the office environment friendly. With the parties and cakes, this Gypso bouquet will create a friendly environment, and the birthday boy or girl will be glad to receive it from their colleagues.

You can give this flower bouquet from online services to different locations if in case you are not present. So, send flowers to India to any area you are living if you can’t be together.


Colleagues are known as supporters in the workplace when you are in trouble or need support. You share all joys and happiness within the office environment. So making their day special should be your top priority, and what would be cheaper than gifting them a flower bouquet at a reasonable cost?

You can also surprise with other flower ideas like blooming heart cards, blooming delicacies, a blooming rose box with silk chocolates and more. Gift them with combos of chocolates, dry fruits or other items and make their birthday special along with your office team.

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