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5 Bucket List Trips In India

Bike trips in India are one of the best ways to enjoy the landscape. You will be mesmerized by the astounding vistas of the country while traveling from one city to another. The long drives let you relax and get a break from your routine.

You will definitely want to take a break from all the stress and drama in your life. Nothing can be better than a road trip to get over all this and have some fun. You are lucky to be in India if you are an adventure lover.

Here is a list of some must do and offbeat road trips that you will love to challenge yourself with.


Every adventure biker’s dream would definitely be to travel from Delhi via Manali to Leh. The road trip is a tedious and exhausting one that covers a distance of 1091 kms which almost takes 25 hrs of continuous driving. You will travel on the national highways 1 and 21 along the route. The drive will give you goosebumps while you maneuver through the bumpy roads of Leh Ladakh. May to September are the best months you can go on the trip. You will be thrilled by the astounding beauty of Himalayan Ranges while you ride to one of the best places in India.


The drive from Delhi to Spiti Valley is another beautiful road trip that you never want to miss. The Spiti Valley is one of the best places to visit in North India. This is definitely a dream destination for many. You can reach Spiti in 2 ways either Delhi – Shimla – Spiti or Delhi – Manali – Spiti route. The distance is about 730 km and it takes about 17 hours to complete. You will love to drive on National Highway 3 from March to June. This is a cold desert mountain valley located in the land between Tibet and India. The place is famous for its breathtaking vistas, gorgeous Dhankar and ChandraTal lake. You will also love to visit some mesmerizing monasteries like Key, Tabo, Lhalung.


It is a convenient and quick option to reach the capital of Kashmir via a flight journey but going on a road trip is worth it. The arduous journey by a road trip is something that you must experience once in your lifetime. The best time to visit this place as you drive along National Highway 44 is between April and October. You will take around 7 to 8 hours to cover the distance of around 300 kms. You will love the picturesque beauty of the snow capped mountains. Riding through the 2.85 km long Jawahar Tunnel is worth experiencing this road trip. You will be travelling to an altitude of 4127 feet above sea level.


Kasol is a scenic hamlet located in the Kullu region. This is a much loved destination among the adventure seekers, nature lovers and also trekkers. Kasol is popularly known as the Amsterdam of India as it is the best of scenic landscapes. The place is also famous with foreigners who spend a couple of months exploring the place. You will have to cover a distance of 273 kms in about 8 or 9 hours. You will love the ride along the National Highway during April to October. The Chandigarh to Kasol route is a captivating one and you will love every bit of it. You can also enjoy the bewitching beauty of Parvati Valley and try the Kheerganga Trek.


The drive from Amritsar to Dharamshala is definitely worth your while. The drive to the beautiful hill station commences early in the morning from Amritsar. You will have an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful roads up till Pathankot which is the entry point to Himachal. From here you will have to take the route via Nurpur and finally reach Dharamshala. The 202 kms distance along the National Highways 54 and 24 will take about 4 to 5 hours to be completed. The best time to visit Dharamshala is between March and July. This is one of the most exciting trips in India.

Take out time and plan for any of the above-mentioned road trips so that you will have fun and create some amazing memories that you would cherish for the rest of your life.

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