10 Perfect Side Hustles to Reach Your Money Goals

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Prices are up, but wages are not. That makes it difficult to stay afloat let alone reach any lofty financial goals. Sure, you can cut back to some extent, but there is only so much fat to trim. If you want to get ahead, you may have to consider a side hustle or two. Here are ten profitable ideas to get you started.

1. Delivery Driver

If you have a car that gets good gas mileage, and some spare hours in the evenings or on weekends, this is may work for you. Delivery drivers work for a base delivery rate and tips. If you choose to work in the gig economy, you may be paid for delivering groceries, food, and even people. You’ll also be able to pick between working as an independent contractor through a delivery service or directly for an employer.

For your own protection, you will want to maintain good insurance and keep up with those little vehicle repairs. Also, join a local Facebook group or Reddit page for gig drivers. This is where you will learn about the best companies, days and times to work, and other tips for maxing out your earnings.

2. Seasonal Worker

People who work seasonal jobs are able to take advantage of money-making opportunities that come around during certain times of the year. This includes:

  • Holiday catering jobs
  • Present wrapping
  • Holiday party planning and organizing
  • Hanging lights and decorations
  • Seasonal work at retail stores and restaurants
  • Making and selling themed gifts and foods
  • Seasonal work at warehouses

Seasonal doesn’t only mean holidays! When spring and summer rolls around, you can find plenty of opportunities working at nurseries, growing and selling produce or seedlings, mowing lawns, and so much more.

3. Freelance Writing And Editing

Think of all of the content you encounter online. There are web pages full of it, blogs, e-commerce shops, advertisements, articles, and so much more. Somebody has to write all of that, and there are plenty of business owners who need help keeping up with their content demands. That’s where you come in!

4. Powerwashing

This is a trending side hustle, but still potentially lucrative if you are willing to chase down your own leads. You’ll also need some money upfront to invest in a power washer, cleaning solution, and possibly a few ads.

The good thing about this gig is that you can make decent money with just a few jobs on the weekends. It won’t take long to recoup your investment and become profitable. You can even add this to other services such as painting house numbers on curbs, light landscaping, or handyman services.

5. House Cleaning And Organizing

Are you one of those special souls who find cleaning and organizing to be therapeutic? Turn that hobby into a lucrative business. So many busy people would love to turn over their weekly housekeeping chores to another person, and they will pay quite well to do that. Additionally, you can specialize in tasks such as cleaning and organizing closets, garages, and home offices.

6. Junk Removal

If you own a truck, there is money to be made in junk removal. You can increase your earning power even more if you have a trailer. Most weekly trash service providers won’t haul off bulk items, appliances, and other materials. So, people are always hiring out small business owners to haul away their unwanted junk. This side gig has an additional money-making opportunity that is built in. Some of the items you haul away can be taken directly to recycling centers where you can get cash rather than paying to drop them off.

7. Flipping Items

Flipping is taking an item you buy or find, and then reselling it for a profit. Sometimes, you can sell items as is. In other cases, you may need to clean or repair what you find. Here are just a few lucrative possibilities:

  • Designer clothing and sneakers
  • Refurbished small appliances
  • Antiques and collectibles
  • Comic books
  • Electronics and video games
  • Board games

Many items can be resold on Facebook marketplace or Ebay. There are also specialty marketplaces such as Poshmark for clothing and accessories.

8. Surveys And Microtasks

Companies really want to know what you think. So much so that they will pay you money to share your opinion. You can earn money on sites like Survey Junkie and Prolific answering market research surveys.

Additionally, you can do microtasks for money or gift cards. Businesses will pay money for people to do small data entry tasks, download and test software, play apps, watch videos, and sign up for special offers. You can even share your shopping receipts in exchange for cash or gifts. Look into apps and websites like Swagbucks, Mturk, or Fetch to get going!

9. Pet or House Sitting

When people travel, they have a list of tasks that must be taken care of before they can leave. Two of the most important are finding someone to watch their pets and ensure their home is safe. That’s why pet and house sitting are two exceptionally popular side hustles. This is a fairly easy gig, but is a real commitment. Fortunately, if you do the job well, you can count on getting more customers thanks to glowing referrals and recommendations.

10. Sell Your Photos And Videos

You post the best of your pictures and videos to social media, but what about the other stuff on your camera roll? Don’t delete those! You can post those to stock photo websites, and receive a small payment each time someone uses your images.

Combine Your Side Hustle With Clear Goals

Now you have some ideas for earning extra money. This can help give you extra cash for survival, and provide some funds to meet your financial goals. Before you get started, think about your talents, and the time you have to invest. Then, write down clear goals for your new income stream. This will help you make the best of your funds, and achieve your dreams.

Or, as a backup plan, install this app and find a life partner to share your expenses and lighten financial burden for you!

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